Definitions for be
  • Be (v. i.) - To exist actually, or in the world of fact; to have ex/stence.
  • Be (v. i.) - To exist in a certain manner or relation, -- whether as a reality or as a product of thought; to exist as the subject of a certain predicate, that is, as having a certain attribute, or as belonging to a certain sort, or as identical with what is specified, -- a word or words for the predicate being annexed; as, to be happy; to be here; to be large, or strong; to be an animal; to be a hero; to be a nonentity; three and two are five; annihilation is the cessation of existence; that is the man.
  • Be (v. i.) - To take place; to happen; as, the meeting was on Thursday.
  • Be (v. i.) - To signify; to represent or symbolize; to answer to.
  • Being (p. pr.) - Existing.
  • Being (n.) - Existence, as opposed to nonexistence; state or sphere of existence.
  • Being (n.) - That which exists in any form, whether it be material or spiritual, actual or ideal; living existence, as distinguished from a thing without life; as, a human being; spiritual beings.
  • Being (n.) - Lifetime; mortal existence.
  • Being (n.) - An abode; a cottage.
  • Being (adv.) - Since; inasmuch as.
  • Being (p. pr. & vb. n.) - of Be
  • Beings - Sorry, we do not have a definition for this word
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