Definitions for busies
  • Busied (imp. & p. p.) - of Busy
  • Busies - Sorry, we do not have a definition for this word
  • Business (n.) - That which busies one, or that which engages the time, attention, or labor of any one, as his principal concern or interest, whether for a longer or shorter time; constant employment; regular occupation; as, the business of life; business before pleasure.
  • Business (n.) - Any particular occupation or employment engaged in for livelihood or gain, as agriculture, trade, art, or a profession.
  • Business (n.) - Financial dealings; buying and selling; traffic in general; mercantile transactions.
  • Business (n.) - That which one has to do or should do; special service, duty, or mission.
  • Business (n.) - Affair; concern; matter; -- used in an indefinite sense, and modified by the connected words.
  • Business (n.) - The position, distribution, and order of persons and properties on the stage of a theater, as determined by the stage manager in rehearsal.
  • Business (n.) - Care; anxiety; diligence.
  • Businesses (pl. ) - of Business
  • Business's - Sorry, we do not have a definition for this word
  • Busy (a.) - Engaged in some business; hard at work (either habitually or only for the time being); occupied with serious affairs; not idle nor at leisure; as, a busy merchant.
  • Busy (a.) - Constantly at work; diligent; active.
  • Busy (a.) - Crowded with business or activities; -- said of places and times; as, a busy street.
  • Busy (a.) - Officious; meddling; foolish active.
  • Busy (a.) - Careful; anxious.
  • Busy (v. t.) - To make or keep busy; to employ; to engage or keep engaged; to occupy; as, to busy one's self with books.
  • Busying (p. pr. & vb. n.) - of Busy
Words in your word
2 Letter Words
be bi es is si us
3 Letter Words
bes bis bus ess sei sib sis sub sue use
4 Letter Words
bise buss seis sibs subs sues uses