Definitions for city
  • Citied (a.) - Belonging to, or resembling, a city.
  • Citied (a.) - Containing, or covered with, cities.
  • Cities (pl. ) - of City
  • City (n.) - A large town.
  • City (n.) - A corporate town; in the United States, a town or collective body of inhabitants, incorporated and governed by a mayor and aldermen or a city council consisting of a board of aldermen and a common council; in Great Britain, a town corporate, which is or has been the seat of a bishop, or the capital of his see.
  • City (n.) - The collective body of citizens, or inhabitants of a city.
  • City (a.) - Of or pertaining to a city.
  • City's - Sorry, we do not have a definition for this word
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it ti
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icy tic
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