Definitions for cun
  • Cun (v. t.) - To con (a ship).
  • Cun (v. t.) - To know. See Con.
  • Cunning (a.) - Knowing; skillful; dexterous.
  • Cunning (a.) - Wrought with, or exhibiting, skill or ingenuity; ingenious; curious; as, cunning work.
  • Cunning (a.) - Crafty; sly; artful; designing; deceitful.
  • Cunning (a.) - Pretty or pleasing; as, a cunning little boy.
  • Cunning (a.) - Knowledge; art; skill; dexterity.
  • Cunning (a.) - The faculty or act of using stratagem to accomplish a purpose; fraudulent skill or dexterity; deceit; craft.
  • Cunningly (adv.) - In a cunning manner; with cunning.
  • Cunnings - Sorry, we do not have a definition for this word
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