Definitions for dial
  • Dial (n.) - An instrument, formerly much used for showing the time of day from the shadow of a style or gnomon on a graduated arc or surface; esp., a sundial; but there are lunar and astral dials. The style or gnomon is usually parallel to the earth's axis, but the dial plate may be either horizontal or vertical.
  • Dial (n.) - The graduated face of a timepiece, on which the time of day is shown by pointers or hands.
  • Dial (n.) - A miner's compass.
  • Dial (v. t.) - To measure with a dial.
  • Dial (v. t.) - To survey with a dial.
  • Dialed (imp. & p. p.) - of Dial
  • Dialing (n.) - The art of constructing dials; the science which treats of measuring time by dials.
  • Dialing (n.) - A method of surveying, especially in mines, in which the bearings of the courses, or the angles which they make with each other, are determined by means of the circumferentor.
  • Dialing (p. pr. & vb. n.) - of Dial
  • Dialings - Sorry, we do not have a definition for this word
  • Dials - Sorry, we do not have a definition for this word
Words in your word
2 Letter Words
ad ai al id la li
3 Letter Words
aid ail dal lad lid
4 Letter Words
dial laid