Definitions for gem
  • Gem (n.) - A bud.
  • Gem (n.) - A precious stone of any kind, as the ruby, emerald, topaz, sapphire, beryl, spinel, etc., especially when cut and polished for ornament; a jewel.
  • Gem (n.) - Anything of small size, or expressed within brief limits, which is regarded as a gem on account of its beauty or value, as a small picture, a verse of poetry, a witty or wise saying.
  • Gem (v. t.) - To put forth in the form of buds.
  • Gem (v. t.) - To adorn with gems or precious stones.
  • Gem (v. t.) - To embellish or adorn, as with gems; as, a foliage gemmed with dewdrops.
  • Gemmed (imp. & p. p.) - of Gem
  • Gemming (p. pr. & vb. n.) - of Gem
  • Gems (n.) - The chamois.
  • Gem's - Sorry, we do not have a definition for this word
Words in your word
2 Letter Words
em me
3 Letter Words
gem meg