Definitions for loris
  • Lori (n.) - Same as Lory.
  • Lories (pl. ) - of Lory
  • Loris (n.) - Any one of several species of small lemurs of the genus Stenops. They have long, slender limbs and large eyes, and are arboreal in their habits. The slender loris (S. gracilis), of Ceylon, in one of the best known species.
  • Lory (n.) - Any one of many species of small parrots of the family Trichoglossidae, generally having the tongue papillose at the tip, and the mandibles straighter and less toothed than in common parrots. They are found in the East Indies, Australia, New Guinea, and the adjacent islands. They feed mostly on soft fruits and on the honey of flowers.
Words in your word
2 Letter Words
is li lo oi or os si so
3 Letter Words
lis oil ors sir sol sri
4 Letter Words
oils roil silo soil soli sori