Definitions for waged
  • Wage (v. t.) - To pledge; to hazard on the event of a contest; to stake; to bet, to lay; to wager; as, to wage a dollar.
  • Wage (v. t.) - To expose one's self to, as a risk; to incur, as a danger; to venture; to hazard.
  • Wage (v. t.) - To engage in, as a contest, as if by previous gage or pledge; to carry on, as a war.
  • Wage (v. t.) - To adventure, or lay out, for hire or reward; to hire out.
  • Wage (v. t.) - To put upon wages; to hire; to employ; to pay wages to.
  • Wage (v. t.) - To give security for the performance of.
  • Wage (v. i.) - To bind one's self; to engage.
  • Wage (v. t.) - That which is staked or ventured; that for which one incurs risk or danger; prize; gage.
  • Wage (v. t.) - That for which one labors; meed; reward; stipulated payment for service performed; hire; pay; compensation; -- at present generally used in the plural. See Wages.
  • Waged (imp. & p. p.) - of Wage
  • Wages (n.) - A compensation given to a hired person for services; price paid for labor; recompense; hire. See Wage, n., 2.
  • Waging (p. pr. & vb. n.) - of Wage
Words in your word
2 Letter Words
ad ae ag aw de ed we
3 Letter Words
age awe dag daw dew gad gae ged wad wae wag wed
4 Letter Words
aged awed egad gaed wade wage