Definitions for allis
  • Allied (a.) - United; joined; leagued; akin; related. See Ally.
  • Allied (imp. & p. p.) - of Ally
  • Allies (pl. ) - of Ally
  • Allis (n.) - The European shad (Clupea vulgaris); allice shad. See Alose.
  • Ally (v.) - A relative; a kinsman.
  • Ally (v.) - One united to another by treaty or league; -- usually applied to sovereigns or states; a confederate.
  • Ally (v.) - Anything associated with another as a helper; an auxiliary.
  • Ally (v.) - Anything akin to another by structure, etc.
  • Ally (n.) - See Alley, a marble or taw.
  • Ally (v. t.) - To unite, or form a connection between, as between families by marriage, or between princes and states by treaty, league, or confederacy; -- often followed by to or with.
  • Ally (v. t.) - To connect or form a relation between by similitude, resemblance, friendship, or love.
  • Allying (p. pr. & vb. n.) - of Ally
Words in your word
2 Letter Words
ai al as is la li si
3 Letter Words
ail ais all als ill las lis sal
4 Letter Words
ails alls ills sail sall sial sill