Definitions for awks
  • Awk (a.) - Odd; out of order; perverse.
  • Awk (a.) - Wrong, or not commonly used; clumsy; sinister; as, the awk end of a rod (the but end).
  • Awk (a.) - Clumsy in performance or manners; unhandy; not dexterous; awkward.
  • Awk (adv.) - Perversely; in the wrong way.
  • Awkly (adv.) - In an unlucky (left-handed) or perverse manner.
  • Awkly (adv.) - Awkwardly.
  • Awks - Sorry, we do not have a definition for this word
Words in your word
2 Letter Words
as aw ka
3 Letter Words
ask kas saw ska was