Definitions for cysts
  • Cyst (n.) - A pouch or sac without opening, usually membranous and containing morbid matter, which is accidentally developed in one of the natural cavities or in the substance of an organ.
  • Cyst (n.) - In old authors, the urinary bladder, or the gall bladder.
  • Cyst (n.) - One of the bladders or air vessels of certain algae, as of the great kelp of the Pacific, and common rockweeds (Fuci) of our shores.
  • Cyst (n.) - A small capsule or sac of the kind in which many immature entozoans exist in the tissues of living animals; also, a similar form in Rotifera, etc.
  • Cyst (n.) - A form assumed by Protozoa in which they become saclike and quiescent. It generally precedes the production of germs. See Encystment.
  • Cysted (a.) - Inclosed in a cyst.
  • Cysts - Sorry, we do not have a definition for this word
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