Definitions for heros
  • Hero (n.) - An illustrious man, supposed to be exalted, after death, to a place among the gods; a demigod, as Hercules.
  • Hero (n.) - A man of distinguished valor or enterprise in danger, or fortitude in suffering; a prominent or central personage in any remarkable action or event; hence, a great or illustrious person.
  • Hero (n.) - The principal personage in a poem, story, and the like, or the person who has the principal share in the transactions related; as Achilles in the Iliad, Ulysses in the Odyssey, and Aeneas in the Aeneid.
  • Heroes (pl. ) - of Hero
  • Heros - Sorry, we do not have a definition for this word
Words in your word
2 Letter Words
eh er es he ho oe oh or os re sh so
3 Letter Words
ers her hes hoe hos oes ohs ore ors ose res rho roe ser she