Definitions for lone
  • Lone (n.) - A lane. See Loanin.
  • Lone (a.) - Being without a companion; being by one's self; also, sad from lack of companionship; lonely; as, a lone traveler or watcher.
  • Lone (a.) - Single; unmarried, or in widowhood.
  • Lone (a.) - Being apart from other things of the kind; being by itself; also, apart from human dwellings and resort; as, a lone house.
  • Lone (a.) - Unfrequented by human beings; solitary.
  • Loneful - Sorry, we do not have a definition for this word
  • Lonely (superl.) - Sequestered from company or neighbors; solitary; retired; as, a lonely situation; a lonely cell.
  • Lonely (superl.) - Alone, or in want of company; forsaken.
  • Lonely (superl.) - Not frequented by human beings; as, a lonely wood.
  • Lonely (superl.) - Having a feeling of depression or sadness resulting from the consciousness of being alone; lonesome.
  • Loneness (n.) - Solitude; seclusion.
  • Lonenesses - Sorry, we do not have a definition for this word
Words in your word
2 Letter Words
el en lo ne no oe on
3 Letter Words
eon ole one
4 Letter Words
enol leno lone noel